A fantastic benefit event can be spoiled for donors when they are forced to stand in a long check-out line slowed by manual credit card processing. The wait may even cause them to think twice before attending another benefit for that organization. On the organizational side, staff and volunteers, though exhausted from months of event preparation, must take the time to manually reconcile post-event payments and call donors whose credit charge payments were not accepted before they can relax. Auctionpay’s secure credit card terminals or card readers and payment processing can eliminate those issues.

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Auctionpay terminals or card readers streamline the cashiering process at benefit events. Whether you are holding a gala, auction, luncheon or golf tournament, Auctionpay creates a better event experience for guests, staff, and volunteers.

Guests can chose to pre-register their card at check-in and breathe easy for the rest of the evening, knowing that their check-out and item pick-up will be fast and effortless. Staff and volunteers know Auctionpay automates many of their check-in and check-out tasks, so they can be more welcoming and relaxed with event guests.

You can chose between two types of Auctionpay equipment—terminals or credit card readers. Both create a positive first impression and help your organization project a professional image.

Since the Auctionpay card readers directly integrate with Greater Giving Event Software PC, they must be connected to a PC that has Event Software PC installed to be used for check-in and check-out. Terminals are used at check-in and check-out as stand-alone equipment after syncing event data with Event Software PC.

Our secured terminals and card readers and their payment systems are designed exclusively for charity auctions. Registration, cashiering and the tedious and lengthy reconciliation processes that go along with a benefit auction are all automated with Auctionpay.

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Auctionpay Features
FEATURE Terminal Card Reader
Guests swipe credit cards at registration; information is securely stored in the terminals X X
Guests can pre-register credit cards at registration; Card readers are connected directly to computer(s), so credit card information is encrypted and securely stored in the software as part of the database   X
Credit card data is linked to the guest’s bidder number for easy tracking during the event X X
At the end of the event, guests verify successful bids and pick up their purchases—skipping the cashier and dramatically reducing lines X X
Settlement reports are password-protected and printed directly from the terminals for review X  
Banking reports can be printed on networked printers in the check-out area   X
After the event, using the terminals, batch payments are transmitted via an analog phone line X  
After the event, using the card readers, funds are transmitted to bank via an Internet connection   X
Funds are transmitted to your account within five business days after payments are submitted X X
The terminal easily integrates with Greater Giving Event Software PC and other event management software to save you time and effort X  
The card reader is used in conjunction with Greater Giving Event Software PC, allowing direct integration for a more streamlined process   X


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Special Note for MacIntosh Users

Greater Giving Event Software PC is validated and supported to work with PC Windows environments. We do not recommend using Windows-based software that runs on a MacIntosh in conjunction with Greater Giving solutions as some of our clients have experienced issues with such a configuration.

If you are a MacIntosh user, you can successfully use Greater Giving Event Software Online for all of your pre-event data management, including data entry, guest and item reporting, table assignments and post-event wrap up. Greater Giving Event Software Online is fully supported on MacIntosh OS X with Safari 3.x or Firefox 2.x Internet browsers.

"As the fifth largest charity wine auction in America, and with annual proceeds exceeding $1 million, Greater Giving has proven to be both a time and money saver for us. Not one problem. Not one glitch. Everything was perfect!"
— Judy Anderson, Classic Wines Auction, OR

"One of our past event challenges were items left over after the auction due to guests not picking them up or having incomplete contact information to contact the high bidder. After using Greater Giving, all of our items were sold the night of the event. And our attendees have been really happy with the streamlined process - much shorter checkout lines."
— Debye Whelchel, San Francisco 49ers Foundation, CA

“Prior to deciding about which credit card processing to use, we compared Greater Giving to the local banks. Most of them did not want to even discuss a one-time event. It turned out that the banks’ equipment rental, add-on charges etc., made Greater Giving no more expensive and much less hassle for us than any other alternative. We are so glad that we chose Greater Giving to help with this event, and are looking forward to next year already.”
— Karen Unger, All Saints’ Episcopal Church, FL

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What is the difference between the credit card readers and the terminals?
The Auctionpay credit card reader is an alternative to using terminals for taking credit card payments. The card reader is used in conjunction with Greater Giving Event Software PC at check-in and check-out, eliminating the data exchange (sync) processes and improving the efficiency and speed of guest registration and check-out. To use Auctionpay card readers, you must also have Greater Giving Event Software PC installed on the PC used for check-in and check-out at the event.

How many Auctionpay card readers or terminals do I get?
The number of devices sent to your event is based on the number of bidders you anticipate for your event. The general rule of thumb is 1 device per 100 guests. At a minimum Greater Giving will ship 2 card readers or terminals to your event.

Do I rent card readers or terminals, or do I own them?
Greater Giving clients do not purchase card readers or terminals. We will work with you well in advance of your event to reserve the appropriate number of terminals and training material for your use, and ship them to arrive prior to your event, in enough time to train volunteers and staff before event night. You ship those devices and materials back to us within four business days after your event.

What training is provided?
In addition to the training DVD and videos already posted on our Website, the packing box also includes paper documentation showing how to set up either the card reader or terminal system and details of use. Greater Giving’s Support team is also available to assist you with any questions.

What happens if the guests don’t pre-register their credit card?
If a guest chooses not to pre-register their card, they can still pay via a credit card at the end of the event.

Do I need to set up a merchant account?
Once you have signed up for the Auctionpay service, Greater Giving will set up a merchant account for you.

Is it necessary to have a phone line or Internet connection at the event?
When you use Auctionpay to take credit card payments, neither a phone line nor an Internet connection are required to take those payments the night of the event. Final charges for both terminals and card readers are sent after the event when you are done reconciling all charges. If you used terminals at your event, final charges are sent from the Master terminal to the bank for processing via an analog phone line. If you used card readers at your event, final charges are sent to the bank for processing via an Internet connection from the PC used at the event in conjunction with the card readers.

What if the power goes out during the event?
In the event of a power loss, if the PCs you are using with the card readers have stored battery power, your data is retained and saved. The Auctionpay terminals will also retain the application and the data in the event of power loss. For the terminals, as soon as power is restored, run a Credit Report as a paper backup of all data stored on the Master terminal.

"We're confident

that with Greater Giving we'll continue to have extraordinary success." 

- Sandina Heckert, Canterbury Choral Society, OK