Online Auctions

Nonprofits are always searching for ways to connect more frequently with their donors and to recruit additional donors. And, to do more for their cause, it’s also vital to explore the available options for increased fund raising. To make the search even more challenging, nonprofits need to achieve these goals while keeping costs low. Greater Giving Online Auctions, powered by Bidding For Good, can deliver on all these needs. Online auctions are low-cost way to leverage your existing investment in your Web site to strengthen relationships with current donors, attract more donors, and get more donations.

Designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and schools, Greater Giving Online Auctions, powered by Bidding For Good, provides you with all of the tools necessary to plan, build, publish, and manage a Web-based auction. This solution also includes valuable marketing resources to help you promote online and live fundraisers, facilitating greater participation among existing donors and building new relationships. This ultimately means more exposure, more bidding, and more funds raised for your cause.

Online auctions have become an increasingly important part of development campaigns. Online Auctions can help increase the amount of contributions and auction items your organization receives, expand your reach, promote your fundraising event and motivate participants to bid more competitively. And, an online auction site provides supplemental revenue outlets that help your nonprofit raise even more money.

Online auctions can introduce your cause to countless new supporters. It offers philanthropic bidders the opportunity to purchase exclusive items at discounted prices while supporting worthwhile charities. An online auction can be integrated into your fundraising programs with ease, and even help your in-room live and silent auctions run more smoothly by reducing the logistical work involved on the day of your event.

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Setting Up & Promoting Your Auction
  • Unlimited online training classes
  • 3 pre-built home page layouts
  • 10 pre-built email templates
  • Tips & best practice techniques
  • Customizable home page buttons
  • Customizable email buttons
  • "Top 10 Bidders" list
  • "Top 10 Items" list
  • Bid booster feature
  • Unlimited live support from BiddingForGood auction experts (during normal business hours)
  • 24X7, 365 access to online knowledge base and Resource Center
Obtaining Items for Your Catalog
  • Item acquisition resource center
  • "Donate an Item" feature
  • “Donate Cash” feature
Managing Catalog Items
  • Item uploader
  • Default open/close dates
  • Customizable open/close dates
  • Automated bid increments
  • Customizable bid increments
  • Suggested opening bids
  • "Buy now" option
  • "Estimated value" display options
  • Item cost feature
  • Multiple images
Building Your Participant List
  • Refer-a-friend and Email Updates features let you expand your donor list
  • Use the Donate an Item and Auction Update buttons throughout the year to promote current and future fundraising events
Sponsorship Support
  • Unlimited sponsor promotion spots to sell, offer as value-adds, or to barter for items
  • 8 sponsorship positions in email alerts sent out to bidders and donors
  • Live event support, including ticket sale requests, absentee bidding and printable bid sheets
  • Process online and live event winning bids through Greater Giving Online Payments
Measuring Success
  • Exportable auction activity & results reporting
  • End of Auction report
  • Complete tracking and reporting capabilities

"We were pleased with the financial results we achieved from hosting an online auction in conjunction with our gala and the excitement it created with a broader audience."
— Gordon Hamilton, PONCHO, WA

The Jewish Community Project

The Jewish Community Project opted to raise more money this year using online auctions in tandem with a live auction. They chose Greater Giving to help them get started and placed over 100 of their items web.

The result- an online fundraiser so successful that they sold 73 of their 111 items and raised $17,460 in additional revenue for their programs and services.

The John Cooper School
When The John Cooper School decided to run their first online auction using Greater Giving’s resources they jumped right in and featured close to 500 items online.

As The John Cooper School prepared for their gala, they were able to close out a number of items online, reducing the workload involved on the day event and gave participants a preview of the items that would be available in the room. This effective use of our tools and resources helped The John Cooper School raise $71,999 for their programs and run an incredibly successful online auction fundraiser.

Free Software Trials

Free Trial of Greater Giving Event Software Online
Access a free trial of Greater Giving Event Software Online.


Procurement Basics
Procuring great items is key to reaching and exceeding your revenue goal. Here’s a basic how-to list to get started.

Online Auctions, powered by Bidding For Good: Fundraising 24/7
Imagine fundraising 24 hours a day, throughout the year, increasing awareness of your cause and raising money at the same time.

See our Fundraising Tips page for more how-to’s.


Auction Planner
From twelve months prior all the way up to event day, the Auction Planner offers a detailed timeline for planning an auction fundraiser.

White Paper: Your Website-an Element in Your Fundraising Strategy
This white paper covers best practices for providing a satisfying Website experience for site visitors and creating pleasant Website giving experiences that promote retention and repeat giving.

See our Guides page for more white papers.


Best Practice for Online Auctions
This 60-minute archived webinar reviews best practice for online auctions.

Using Social Media Effectively
Online publishing and discussion—generally referred to as ‘social networking’—is becoming a significant influence on public thinking. This 60-minute archived webinar will help you understand how to turn this phenomenon to your advantage while maintaining existing commitments to donors, constituents, and your mission.

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What are the benefits of using online auctions?
Nonprofit organizations can add a private branded online auction, powered by Bidding For Good, to their existing live auction with ease. This enables them to raise more funds by:
  • Expanding their auction catalog and receiving more donations by providing greater visibility to contributors and simplifying the donation process
  • Growing their bidding pool beyond those who attend their event
  • Creating new online sponsorship opportunities on their website and in email communications that give sponsors quantifiable visibility
  • Increase revenue through our easy-to-use online auction services.
  • Subscription-based service allows for seasonal online-only auctions

How do online auctions work with live auctions?
An online auction can be seamlessly integrated to an existing live, silent or gaveled auction event, and can help raise more funds while reducing the overall cost and effort involved.

What types of nonprofits use online auctions?
Organizations across the country have chosen Greater Giving to automate and improve their fundraising processes. Our clients including schools (K-12 and higher education), arts and humanities, healthcare, and faith-based - and range in size from large national organizations to grassroots groups.

What online auction-related services does Greater Giving offer?
  • Auction Manager - A web-based, online auction management tool that includes everything needed to create, promote and run an online auction fundraiser.
  • Auction Booster - Our online consignment store that provides a simple, risk-free way for fundraisers to expand their auction.
  • – An online auction portal that enables cause-conscious consumers to quickly and easily bid on items. It's a great way to expand the demand for items in your online auction.

When should I start to plan for my online auction?
We suggest you plan for your online auction when you begin to prepare for your live event. Our clients see a direct correlation between how early they start to prepare their auction and how profitable the online auction earnings are. Advanced planning also allows you to take full advantage of services including additional fundraising resources and promotional tools that can complement your Save the Date cards and announcements.

"Adding the banking

and Express Pay capability has been huge for us — being able to pre-swipe those cards at the event and run the deposit through on Monday is a big benefit.”

— Michelle Renner, Chaminade College Preparatory School, MO