A redesigned Greater Giving Event Software with new and improved features fundraisers are cheering about!

Menu Navigation

  • The left side menu navigation is a road map to everywhere you need to go, and is designed to quickly let you move from one screen to the next.
  • Click a header in the Main Menu to expand the available options, and select an option to go to that screen.
  • Notification icons alert you of actions to be taken on the screen.
User Interface Design - Left Navigation
Fundraising Event Software Project Homepage

Project Dashboard

  • The opening screen of your Project with overview summaries for quick, at-a-glance looks and important information about your fundraiser.
  • The visual summaries are perfect for wanting to view real-time stats without having to dive deep into the software.

Robust Reporting

  • Greater Giving offers hundreds of reports so you can access the data and analytics most important to your team.
  • Next to each report is a description column, which gives an overview of the report and its capabilities.
  • Our easy-to-view forms allow you to download to a PDF, Excel, or star your favorite reports.
User Interface Redesign - Robust Reporting
User Interface Redesign - Forms and Grids

Enhanced Forms and Grids

  • Items, Packages and Supporters are laid out with relevant topics prioritized towards the top.
  • Less-common Fields automatically move to the bottom of your screen.
  • Action buttons on the Grid pages include: Add, Delete, Manage Sales & Payments, Print Receipt, Merge and Download.

Project Setup Tool

  • Creating your new Project is easy when using our Project Builder.
  • Order Auctionpay card readers, indicate your event night contact, and more.
  • As your event date draws near, track your card reader delivery and request return shipping labels.
User Interface Redesign - Project Setup
User Interface Redesign - Enhanced Search

Enhanced Searches

  • Search bars are enhanced with the ability to comma separate search terms, like Items, Supporters, and more.
  • Access multiple records that apply to your search terms to quickly find what you’re looking for.

"Greater Giving has changed my life! Having done events & auctions for 10 years, I have never seen a program so streamlined. Everything from data entry, to check-in and check-out is a breeze. Using Greater Giving enhances the guest experience and creates a fun and easy way to increase your fundraising."

—Arthritis Foundation, HI

Tell us how you fundraise

We would love to learn more about your fundraising efforts and find out how we can help you raise more and stress less. From the planning stages, to event night, to reconciliation, Greater Giving offers a complete end-to-end solution—resulting in increased revenue for your organization.

And, all of our products and services come with unparalleled support. Our Client Services team provides unlimited support with live training classes, videos and online help—available for questions by phone, email, and live chat. We’re here for you through every phase of your event.

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