Leaderboards are an electronic display of bidding activity on auction items (packages). They are usually displayed on the walls of an event, or guests’ computer screens and mobile devices.

You can use them to increase guest awareness and enable them to see auction status (package status, bidders, countdown timers, and winners).

Your event leaderboard is a feature of Online Bidding and can easily be setup and customized via your Greater Giving web account, and then linking your TV, laptop or smartphone to a URL.


Leaderboards can do the following for you:

  • Build Excitement:Use bidding countdowns to boost guests’ sense of urgency and competition. Displays of winner’s bidding numbers will further boost excitement and competition.
  • Guest Inclusion:Enable all guests to see and participate, even if they don’t have access to devices. A bid assistant placed next to the leaderboard can assist guests who need help bidding.
  • Spotlight Packages:Your auctioneers can easily point-out and boost interest on bidding packages.
  • Build Sponsorship:Incentivize your sponsors by displaying their logos at the bottom of the leaderboard.
  • Build Guest Engagement with Rotating Content:You can customize what your leaderboard displays and have it rotate through different screens.


Customizable Display

You can customize your leaderboards to rotate a variety of display options:

  • Switchable background color schemes
  • Show all packages (typical display during silent auctions)
  • Show sold items after closing (typical display after a silent auction closes)
  • Focus on one category
  • Show open packages with no bids (great deals)

Sponsor Logo Display

Optimize sponsorship opportunities by displaying sponsor logos on bidders’ screens and the leaderboard. The leaderboard is a great opportunity to highlight your sponsors. You can charge a little more for sponsors to be displayed on the leaderboard, or set a featured sponsor amount for one sponsor to be the only sponsor on the leaderboard for maximum exposure. Leaderboard visibility at an event can also be used to create new opportunities to recruit and promote additional sponsors.

Leaderboard Placement

Maximize and maintain interest in your event by placing your leaderboards where people will be congregating or where guest attentions may need focusing, like during silent auctions.

Highlight Packages

Use the leaderboard to highlight packages of special interest. An auctioneer or MC can point-out certain packages, either capitalizing on their especially interesting qualities, or a great-deal because of low bidding activity

Generating Interest at Your Event

Countdown timers will focus guests’ attention on the bidding competition. Once the auction is closed, bidders are excited to see if they won – you can show sold packages and winning bidder numbers


What Our Clients Say


"One of our past event challenges were items left over after the auction due to guests not picking them up or having incomplete contact information to contact the high bidder. After using Greater Giving, all of our items were sold the night of the event. And our attendees have been really happy with the streamlined process - much shorter check-out lines."

— San Francisco 49ers Foundation, CA