Greater Giving’s Auctionpay Card Readers provide event planners with a fast and efficient way to process transactions. Sensitive credit card information is protected and easily accessed through Go Time and after event payment processing can be completed automatically within hours of the conclusion of the event.

A guest hasn’t pre-registered their card when they arrive at check-in? No problem—with an Auctionpay Card Reader their information can be quickly added into the Go Time database with just a swipe of the card. Our Card Reader plugs into a laptop or desktop computer’s USB port, or go mobile with Auctionpay’s Mobile Card Reader. This easy-to-use device plugs into the audio port of a tablet, making your payment processing an activity that can be down anywhere in the venue via WiFi. Just download the application from either the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play through a WiFi connection anywhere in the venue. With an Auctionpay terminal your guests can process their own transactions by simply swiping their pay, giving them the freedom to quickly add additional activities, like raffle or drink tickets, onto the night’s purchases.


  • With Greater Giving’s Card Reader guests will experience shorter wait times at check-in and checkout.
  • With a variety of Auctionpay equipment—terminals, USB or mobile card readers—event planners can provide their guests with options that suit their payment styles.
  • Once a guests’ credit card information has been added to their Go Time record guests can make their purchases hassle-free the throughout the rest of the event at an Auctionpay terminal
  • Automatic payment processing means transactions are complete within 48 hours.
  • Post event credit card processing is made simple with Greater Giving Online, a software program that can resubmit declined transactions and additional charges using the software.
  • All three options—Mobile Card Reader, USB enabled Card Reader, Terminals—are included when you purchase Auctionpay.


Application Options–Create a more cohesive, better flowing event by providing your guests with three ways to process their transactions. With Auctionpay you have access to the Mobile Card Reader, the USB enabled Card Reader and on-site Terminals.

Multiple Search Capabilities–Credit Card data is linked to each guest’s bidder number for easy tracking throughout the event in your Go Time database.

Protected Information–Your staff will have instant access to secure and encrypted credit card information through Greater Giving’s Online Cloud, allowing them to quickly process payments anywhere, anytime.

Payment Options–With Auctionpay your guests have the option of splitting payments between multiple cards, while producing a single transaction for record keeping. After processing is completed guests can request a printed or emailed receipt to accommodate their tax reporting.

Simple Reporting Process–Download all the night’s transactions into Go Time and create the reports you need to celebrate a successful event and start planning for next year.

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