Entering your supporters’ information has never been easier! Greater Giving’s Data Entry feature is a fundamental tool built right into our all-inclusive event software package. It is created to be user-friendly so every volunteer can master it in just a few minutes!

Data can be entered either manually or imported from previous events directly from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Import Wizard, eliminating mistakes and cutting down on the time it takes to update records.

Customizable Online Payment Item Procurement forms allow your procurement committee members to enter the information you need most, and donors can perform their own data entry via an online form that will collect all the information you require for your record keeping.


Greater Giving’s data entry feature allows you to:

  • Keep Comprehensive Records: Easily transfer data collected at past events without the worry of mistakes or lost records.
  • Enter Information On–site: Add new information or update existing records through a fast and simple process to provide your team with the most up-to-date information on the night of the event.
  • Adaptability: Ensure all-important information has been collected by creating a customized form that prompts users to enter specific data before moving onto the next record.
  • Secure Access: Limit unintentional mistakes or exposure to private information by limiting volunteer access to sensitive parts of the record.
  • Accessible: Greater Giving’s data entry tool is a simple process that can be used by anyone, including online for your donors!


Import and Export Data

Transfer information collected at past events into your master list through an easy Excel or Import Wizard transfer and be assured it will be available for easy exporting for your next event.

Manual Entry

Data can be entered manually into Greater Giving’s event software package the night of the event, allowing your volunteers to work closely with supporters and ensure their information is up to date and accurate.

Multiple Access Points

Entering data can be done in a wide variety of areas and locations within the software, making each record more complete and specific to each donor.


Create an Online Payment Item Procurement form that supports all your organization’s specific needs. Mapping Excel files lets users determine how fields will appear in Greater Giving Online so you can create the perfect form to support your activities.

Limited User Access

Protect the collected information by creating user roles with limited access to specific areas of the data to restrict them from viewing other parts of the records.

Internet Enabled

Invite supporters to submit donated items via an easy-to-use web form and cut the time it takes your team to update records leading up to the event. By making it Internet accessible, information can be entered anytime, anyplace!

Greater Giving Packages

Express Package

  • Reduce long lines at check-in and check-out, with three options: Auctionpay terminals, Mobile or USB card readers.
  • Manage fundraiser details and tasks online
  • Track procured items and create packages
  • Create bid sheets, labels, catalogs and certificates
  • Sell merchandise and raffle tickets
  • View real time stats
  • Email or print tax receipts

Event Package

Event Package has all of the capabilities of Express Package plus:

  • Raise funds and collect credit card payments online
  • Build a variety of secure, real-time donation pages that coordinate with your Website
  • Online Bidding, an optional add-on integrated with Event Software, allows your guests to engage in bidding on auction items from their own smartphones or tablets.

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