Data Exchange, a feature included in Greater Giving Online, is designed to work with Online Auctions to simplify the exchange of data between two platforms. Whether you are uploading your event’s guest list in preparation for an upcoming event, or downloading the information to work from after the it concludes, Data Exchange makes the process fast and easy without the omissions or missteps that can occur with manual transfers.

Create excitement for your event by taking bids for high-value items through an Online Auction prior to the start a live auction, or continue the auction online after the conclusion of your event. Merge your Online Auction activities with your event’s live auction through an easy Data Exchange process. You can even create a year-round revenue stream by continuously selling items through an Online Auction. As items are sold and closed you can upload the information from Online Auctions into Greater Giving Online for revenue tracking and reporting that seamlessly combines all your auction results, online and at your event.


  • Total Inclusion: Records collected through Data Exchange can be designated as bidders, donors, staff or sponsors so you can pull up the exact group you want to address.
  • Oversight: Event planners are able to review supporter profiles prior to exporting them, giving you prior insight into your VIPS lists.
  • Works with Excel: Greater Giving’s Import Wizard tool is built specifically to pull data from Excel files and other popular platforms.
  • Prevents Duplicates: Controls to prevent duplicating records are built right into Data Exchange, eliminating the need to scrub your records later.
  • Included in Greater Giving Online: Data Exchange is just one of the many helpful features included in the Greater Giving Online tool.


Full Coverage – Greater Giving Online’s Data Exchange works from the beginning of your event planning, all the way to its conclusion. Upload information from your computer system in preparation for the big night knowing that it can be easily transferred back into your system’s platform with the original, as well as the new information collected at your event intact and accurate.

Training Webinars and Access to Customer Support – The information contained in a donor management system is important and should be handled with care, that’s why when you choose Greater Giving Online you’ll have access to training webinars and continual, 24-hour customer support. Take the guesswork out of the Data Exchange process!

Intuitive Process – Data Exchange is an easy process that offers well-defined steps to transfer all the information from one platform to another, without omitting important information or redirecting it to improper groups.

Mapping – Greater Giving Online has a built in Import Wizard tool that pulls data from Microsoft Excel files from your organization’s database, as well as ones outside your system. It can also be customize to accommodate your own exchange preferences.

Adaptable to Your Needs – With over ten different Donor Management Software Types pre-loaded in Data Exchange, users can choose the most appropriate title and group those supporters together later when working in Go Time.

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