Prevent long lines at check-in and checkout by capturing information at check-in in an easy two-step process. Updated information is immediately available to multiple volunteers simultaneously throughout the venue without any additional steps, so your volunteers and staff can process payments safely and securely anywhere, anytime during your event.

Greater Giving Online connects seamlessly with Go Time to provide your supporters with another way to contribute. The blended connection opens the doors for bidding anywhere in the venue through a Wi-Fi connection on laptops and iPads, or by texting from a smartphone with only a bidder number, the guests’ mobile number and admission allocated to the event.

Go Time can also be used offline. With a simple swipe of a credit card at one of our AuctionPay Terminals, your supporters’ information is safely and securely processed without having to rely on the Internet.


Go Time will provide you with:

  • Quick Check–in Process: Eliminate long lines at check- with a simple two-step process. With Go Time’s Wi-Fi capabilities, guests can easily check themselves in at stations or with the help of roving volunteers without overlooking capturing important information.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Connects with Mobile card readers and Greater Giving AuctionPay to offer guests multiple payment options.
  • Flexibility: Volunteers using the Go Time app can move through the venue to work directly with VIPs or other guests when lines get long. The Go Time app can be easily downloaded onto tablets (iPad or Android) from the Apple and Android stores.
  • Speedy Checkout Process: Information collected at check-in is immediately available to use at checkout so your guests won’t have to stand in long lines on their way out the door.
  • Immediate Payment Confirmation: Payments are processed on the spot, providing guests with receipts and the assurance their purchases have been processed correctly during a busy event.
  • Automatic Record Keeping: Go Time files payment information automatically for immediate record keeping, allowing you to produce reports shortly after the event ends.


Speak Directly With Your Guests, Volunteers and Staff
The information gathered at check-in can be used immediately to connect with event attendees through their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Send alerts for special events and make announcements using information you’ve gathered that night at check-in. You can also update volunteers and staff on goals and sales throughout the event.

Instant Access to Updated Information
Information added at check-in is immediately and automatically updated so everyone on your team will be able to access it on smartphones, laptops, and tablets over the venue’s Wifi connection.

Go Time is Another Component of Greater Giving’s Online Software
Best of all, Go Time is part of Greater Giving’s Online Software package!

Secure Information Gathering
Credit Card information is encrypted and stored securely in the Greater Giving Online cloud, providing extra assurance to your guests that their important information is protected.

More Payment Options
Go Time blends both data and Wi-Fi access to provide access inside and outside the venue. Volunteers are also able to process payments online or offline at the venue.

Go Time’s wireless capabilities combined with AuctionPay terminals increases the flexibility you’ll have when designing your event’s floor plan.

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