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A fantastic fundraiser can be spoiled for donors.

Accelerate the payment process with Go Time!

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Make the right impression at the end of the night with a fast and efficient check-out process. With Go Time’s Check–Out tool your volunteers will be able to quickly process transactions and make updates to records – helping to quickly get your guests on their way. Eliminate long lines and mistakes as you send your supporters out the door with a printed receipt or email receipt reflecting all their purchases.

Processing payments are simplified with Greater Giving’s Check–out feature! Because Check–out is a part of Greater Giving Event Software, your volunteers will be able to work with guests from WiFi enabled iPads and laptops as they wait to pick up items

Go Time Event Check-Out


Quick updates
Staff and volunteers can quickly access guest information from Go Time with only a bidder number or first or last name. Updates made at check-out, such as purchases and credit card numbers, automatically populate your records in Go Time – so you don’t have to repeat your work later on.

Customized email settings
Include more information with customized email settings. Hyperlinks and images can be emailed to your guests to provide more event information and future opportunities to become involved with your cause.

Printed or emailed receipts
Receipts are available in a printed or email format – offering choices for your guests’ record keeping

Email confirmation
A confirmation email is sent automatically to your guests upon completion of the transaction – so they can pull up the information as needed.

Available to use on tablets and iPads
Because Check–out is a tool of Go Time, processing payments can be done anywhere in the venue over a mobile device, like an iPad and laptop.


Your end–of–event processing is simple with Go Time’s Check–out.

  • Accelerated Transaction Process: Access information already captured in Event Software’s database and accelerate the payment process.
  • Multiple search options: Volunteers can access guest information through several search options.
  • Eliminate Mistakes: Updated information is immediately available to your staff for verifying with the guest.
  • Protected Access: Staff can preset blocks to specific pieces of data to make it unavailable to volunteers.
  • Mobility: Process transactions throughout the venue over a WiFi connection prior to the official closing.
  • Leave the Right Impression: Give your guests the memory of a fun and meaningful event – instead of long lines and disorganization at check-out.

"Our biggest event concern was speeding up check-out, and the Go Time fast check-out was the feature everyone noticed."

The Omaha Zoo

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