How to Manage and Engage Volunteers

Volunteerism is a universal construct and a critical resource for nonprofit organizations. It's important to sustain the flow of your volunteer pool by implementing tools and processes that create a mutually beneficial relationship.

October 9th, 2019

Nicole V. Bennett, Owner
Perry Consulting LLC

Auction Procurement - Maximizing Your ROI on Time and Effort

Renee Zau knows how time-consuming auction planning can be. After serving on 50+ committees, she founded DonationMatch--an online platform that helps nonprofits secure in-kind gifts. Hear from the expert herself as she shares tips and tricks on setting up an auction for success from the very beginning. This webinar is a deep-dive into the first stage of the process--auction item procurement. After all, there's no better way to generate excitement around your event than having awesome prizes up for grabs!

December 11th, 2019

Renee Zau, Founder and CEO
Donation Match

Earlier this year...

February 13th, 2019

Ailie F. Byers, President Alpenglow Benefits
NAA Director

Donors vs. Dollars, How to Win in the Long Run

Donor-centric fundraising is not a new concept, but it is not the norm in today's fundraising world. This webinar will cover the background and where the idea evolved from. How it has been successful for some organizations. How a few changes can make a definitive difference in your NPO’s relationship with its donors and help lower costs. Most importantly it can help shift the outlook of your shop to be less about chasing dollars and more about creating relationships that will over time benefit both the NPO and the individual donors.


March 6th, 2019

Talena Barker, CEO Mission Limelight

Power Up Your Auction Revenue Through Creative and Strategic Refinement

What if you could realize substantially more auction revenue by taking a fresh look at the way you approach your procurement strategies, and getting creative about how you leverage your resources?

Join us for a special webinar focused on detailed and specific actions you can take now to power up your next event!


March 7th, 2019

Greater Giving Team

Spring 2019 What's New

Join us to review new features changes and enhancements from Greater Giving. We will cover our Top 3 new features for Spring 2019 including the Giving Board, Aggregate Reporting and Captcha. Beyond just changes to Greater Giving’s products, we will share updates to resources and best practice guides.


May 15th, 2019

Mark Schroeder, CAI, BAS, CES of Auction Brio LLC

7 Essentials to Fund-a-Need Success

75% of all first time donors to the Fund-a-Need will not return to give you a second donation the following year unless you do one imperative action. Who gives the most money to a Fund-a-Need ask and what entities are the leading beneficiary? With over $410 billion dollars to be donated to charities in 2019 you need to know how to capture your share. In this webinar, certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Mark Schroeder CAI, BAS, CES will share money-generating ideas to enhance the bond of your non-profit with your generous donors through the 7-Essentials to Fund-a-Need Success.


July 10th, 2019

Quierra Trammel, Fundraising Event Consultant of Tribe Table

Turn Guests Into Raving Fans and Make More Money at Your Next Fundraiser

Have you ever attended an event and found yourself wondering why you came in the first place? Maybe you didn’t connect with anyone else there, didn’t like the food, or just found the whole thing to be dull. Now, have you ever attended an event that was energetic and lively? Where you met great people who shared your values and went home excited to see what they would do next?Most people have been to both of these types of events. And while it’s easy to judge an event as a “good” or “bad” experience, it can be difficult to put your finger on exactly what makes an event fun or a flop.The good news is that all successful events have a few core things in common. There is a certain system that can make any event great, no matter the size, theme, or budget. In this webinar you’ll learn the best strategies to plan a fun, sustainable fundraiser that your guests will love and will grow in profit year after year.


August 14th, 2019

Samantha Swaim, Swaim Strategies

Equity in Your Fundraising Events

Your events need to be accessible. Design them for your entire community with simple adjustments to your materials, program, and marketing to deepen your relationship with your supporters. Develop best practices for your event vendors for inclusive elements and build a team with a common mission. Engage all levels of supporters in your fundraising to develop sustainability for your work.