Make a Golf Fundraiser Your Next Big Event

We’ve put together all the resources and tips you’ll need to coordinate a successful golf tournament and raise more for your organization!

Golf Fundraising Event Topics:

  1. Planning Your Golf Fundraiser

  2. Creating your Golf Event Committee

  3. Golf Event Venues

  4. Reserving Golf Event Vendors

  5. Holding a Golf Auction

  6. Soliciting Golf Sponsors

  7. Golf Fundraising Revenue Enhancers

  8. Registering Golfers

  9. Choosing Event Management Software and Technology







Planning Your Golf Fundraising Event

When you begin planning your golf tournament, you’ll want to outline your event strategy and create a timeline from start to finish. No detail or task is too small to add to a checklist and delegate.

Check out our   Ultimate Guide to Charity Golf Tournaments to get you started on planning and implementing your golf event.

Golf Tournament Event Committee

You’ll need the help of an event committee to help plan and execute your golf tournament fundraiser. This golf event committee is responsible for overseeing and executing different elements of the fundraiser, from registration and check-in to item procurement and golfer experience.

Once you have your committee planned and individual roles clearly outlined, it’s time to start recruiting volunteers to fill committee positions.

Seek out individuals with skills to match their potential roles.

Take the time to take an administrative approach to recruiting and retaining volunteers. Always clearly communicate each position’s responsibilities, the expected time commitment, regular meeting times, and relevant due dates.


Not sure where to start with your golf event committee?
Get the basics:  How to Structure Your Event Committee

What does each member of the committee do? Fundraising Event Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Before you begin recruiting volunteers for your event committee: Make Sure Your Committees Are Locked Before Recruiting Volunteers





Your Golf Event Venue

At the start of your planning process, choose a golf course for your upcoming fundraising tournament and reserve your date as soon as possible. Golf course schedules fill up fast, and you want to make sure your event gets on the list.

As you inquire with potential venues, find out what services they offer on-course as part of their venue package, and what you’ll have to provide yourself. Include these additional costs in your budget planning when evaluating each of your golf course options.

Look for a venue that offers wi-fi or a good mobile connection throughout the course, so golfers can buy mulligans along the way, and continue to participate in your silent auction, if applicable.

Plan on Hosting an Awards Event?

Many golf tournaments end with an awards dinner or other sit-down event, so golfers can regroup after their day out on the course and continue to participate in the fundraising. This is the perfect opportunity to announce any contest winners, raffle winners, and award prizes to those teams who performed at the top of their game on the course.

Awards dinners are a great chance to hold a special appeal and garner some additional gifts. 

Lead into your special appeal with a moving video to get guests passionate about the cause and motivated to give. 

If your golf course doesn’t offer a sit-down venue, you’ll need to secure an additional venue for your awards dinner. Be sure to choose something easily accessible from your golf course, especially if alcoholic beverages will be made available to golfers in the tournament.


Minimize costs with an Online Golf Event

If holding a typical golf tournament fundraiser isn’t in the cards, consider planning a virtual one!  10 Creative Ways to Host an Online Golf Event


Additional Resources

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Reminder to Reserve Vendors Early

No matter the type of fundraising event you have, or time of year there are some key vendors that you will always need. Task those assignments out early to ensure you have them booked. It is also a good idea to start early in case you need to change plans, venues or dates.

Look to our vetted list of fundraising professional partners for auction, event and technology help for your event.
Awards dinner venue





Holding a Golf Auction

Conducting a silent auction in conjunction with your golf event is another great way to get the rest of the family involved and entertained throughout the tournament, and bring in some additional revenue.

To hold a golf auction, we recommend using an online or mobile bidding platform so golfers can continue to participate and bid on their favorite items from anywhere on the course.

Steps for Holding a Golf Auction:

1. Create an auction sub-committee to oversee the silent auction
2. Item procurement
3. Data entry
4. Print bid sheets
5. Create package placards
6. Assign bid numbers to guests

Tips for your Golf Auction:

- Using online bidding, allow guests a sneak peek at the auction catalog in advance of the event so they can start getting excited about the items up for bid.
- Allow guests to continue bidding on the auction throughout the day, through the awards dinner, to drive up those final bids.
- Display auction items in a prominent location at the golf venue so players and their families can browse.


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How to Get Golf Sponsorships

Sponsorships are the backbone of a golf tournament. Luckily, the golf fundraiser format offers potential sponsors tons of value for the price of their sponsorships in the form of foot traffic, visibility and recognition.

Create golf sponsor packages that reflect the fun tone and style of your golf event. Use the natural features of the golf tournament format to design your packages—such as individual hole sponsors, recognized at each hole with appropriate signage.

Here are some great examples of golf sponsorship packages you could use:

Tournament Sponsor
Fairway Sponsor
Hole Sponsor
Cart Sponsor
Scorecard Sponsor
Driving Range Sponsor
Driving Range Sponsor
Putting Green Sponsor
Golf Ball Sponsor
Valet Sponsor
Goodie Bag Sponsor

How to Ask for Sponsorships

Sell sponsoring your fundraiser as a great opportunity to reach golf enthusiasts and their families. Offer a wide variety of sponsorship packages at different price points to give everyone who wants to support your event the opportunity to do so.
Whenever you talk with potential sponsors, try to meet in person, and listen to find out what your sponsor wants out of a partnership before trying to sell your sponsor package.

Underwriting Sponsors

Don’t forget that a business who wants to be involved in your event can make an in-kind donation as their sponsorship! Underwriting sponsorships are a great opportunity to acquire prizes for raffles and contests, as well as items to include in your golfers’ goodie bags.





Spice Up Your Golf Tournament with Revenue Enhancers

Holding contests, raffles, and other golf-themed games throughout your event offers guests an even more exciting and engaging golfing experience, and generates even more revenue for your fundraiser. These fun golf tournament game ideas are also a fantastic way to bring family and friends into the mix while players are out golfing.


Offering golfers mulligans is a critical part of the golf tournament fundraiser. In case of a poor shot, a mulligan allows a golfer to take a second shot and override their first one. 


Create packages of multiple mulligans so players don’t need to come back and purchase more whenever they run out.
To generate extra revenue, bundle mulligans with raffle entries and contest entries to encourage players to buy more at once!

Sell mulligans throughout your golf course to bring in some extra money—or even make them available for purchase in your mobile bidding app.

Solicit Prizes

In order to hold a successful golf game, contest, or raffle, you’ll need great prizes to draw people in and sell those tickets! Start soliciting your golf tournament prizes early, so you know which games you can host.

How to solicit golf tournament prizes:

  Brainstorm with your committee what kind of prizes would appeal to your players.
  Create a list of possible businesses to solicit for prizes.
  Develop a pitch for solicitation that offers the opportunity to sponsor your golf tournament with an in-kind gift.
  Reach out to businesses and pitch your golf tournament. Include how many people will attend, and outline how sponsors will be recognized.
  Follow up with potential sponsors.

Here are some fun golf tournament hole ideas:
  Golf Game Idea: Helicopter Drop
  Auction Games and Fundraising Ideas to Boost Your Revenue
  Hosting Engaging Golf Tournaments: Putter or Purse
  Holding a Golf Tournament this Summer? Here Are Our Top Reminders!


Auction Games for Silent Auctions

Add More Excitement to Your Event

Auction Games: Boost your fundraising revenue!

Adding auction games and raffles won’t replace your auction income, but they will add to your bottom line. Adding variety and fun to your event will help entertain your guests and lighten the mood before going into your live event.  Download Your Copy





Register Golfers

Now that all of your essentials are in place, it’s time to   start registering your players, processing admissions fees, and accepting sponsorship payments. Many player spots will be allocated to sponsors, and you’ll need to collect those player names and add them to your roster.

We suggest using an event management software solution to manage players, create teams, and assign bid numbers for your auction (if applicable). Process payments for player fees with an  online ticketing solution.

Once you’ve started registering players, make sure to maintain communication with them. Send out a preview of your auction catalog, allow early bidding, and build excitement for your upcoming event!


Technology in Golf Events

To run a successful golf fundraiser, you’ll need a little help from technology to manage your players, handle player fees, check-in guests, log additional sales, and if applicable, conduct your silent auction. Technology in golf doesn’t have to be complicated—this is where great event management software and online ticketing come into play!

How to Pick Your Golf Software

  • Evaluate your needs. Will you be holding a golf auction in addition to your tournament? What else will you be selling at your event? What technology do you have available on-site?

  • Determine your online ticketing needs. You may need a package that includes the ability to sell admission through a website, track registered players, and manage sponsorships.

  • Set your budget and sort options based on price.




Fundraising Software Buyers Guide


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Let us help take the guess work out of understanding the right fundraising software for your organization. Check out our "Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Software" to help you with your decision.