The Virtual Gala

With large group gathering redefinitions, virtual fundraising is becoming a necessity for many nonprofits. The Greater Giving Virtual Event Package provides organizations with a secure, flexible fundraising platform meeting the demands of today's virtual fundraiser.

Virtual Gala Technology

Whether your event includes traditional gala elements such as a silent auction, live auction and a special appeal or you are planning a fund-a-need only, our core technology will allow you to manage all aspects of your event from one platform.

Virtual Gala Know How and Experience

While virtual galas are gaining in popularity, Greater Giving has been offering and supporting virtual events for several years. Our experts will help set you up with the virtual tools you need to run your fundraiser—and provide insight into best practices and resources that will help you make the most of your event.

Unlimited Support—A Core Principle

We are here for you...through the entire journey! Beyond a robust product support system with personalized onboarding, on-demand training, phone, email, chat support, and 24-hour day/night of event support, we also help answer the bigger questions through our comprehensive Virtual Gala Guide, a dedicated virtual auction resource center and how-to guides,

If your organization is considering a virtual gala, you'll naturally have questions—rest assured, we have you covered!

The Complete Virtual Gala Guide

This comprehensive digital guide is the perfect place to start (or supplement) your virtual fundraising journey. We worked with nonprofits and industry professionals to bring you insight you can really use.

Virtual Fundraising Event Guide Download

Moving to a Virtual Fundraiser

Virtual fundraising events are an exciting step in rounding out your fundraising strategy. Here's what you need to know.

What's it going to take?

The Greater Giving platform is designed to support the management of virtual events, in-person events or a combination of both. The How to Host and Promote a Virtual Fundraising Event guide provides planning insight you can use to plan and host a successful event.

Understanding Virtual Event Technology

Technology is ever-evolving, so instead of trying to understand the intricacies of the underlying technology, it's more important to separate the different types of technology into their function.

Event Management

Fundraising activities and guest management are usually handled in this category. Event management software will facilitate bidding, guest registration, auction item management and payment processing in general.

Event Production

Creating the visual content your guest will see falls primarily under production. Content creation can be pre-recorded or live and includes video cameras, audio, lighting, sets. Read Are you Tech Ready to Host a Virtual Fundraising Event? for more information.

Event Streaming

This is how your visual content is delivered to your audience. Content delivery can include social networks, conferencing software or even direct broadcast.

Human Connection Through a Virtual Connection

Without the non-verbal communication of a live event, maintaining your audience's attention requires additional planning. Incorporate any of the 12 tips listed in Creating a Connection with Your Virtual Audience to connect and engage.

What Does the Future of Fundraising Hold?


Deciding What to Do About Your Fundraising?

Here are some additional resources we created earlier in 2020 to provide insight and a framework for decision making

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Virtual events lack some of the physical cues fundraisers use to keep people on schedule—to eat, drink, get comfortable and focus on the stage when the time comes. Virtual events have introduced new levels of creativity—here are some resources that will help make the most of your virtual gala.

Success Stories

A move from in-person to a virtual gala can be a big step. See the journey some of our client organizations travelled—viewing their event through a different lens and sharing that vision with their board, staff, volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Read client success stories.

Best Practices

Small details can have a big impact—and it's never been more true than with virtual fundraisers. There are many nuances to plan around, including:

  • Repurpose your existing content for digital delivery
  • Ensure you have a concise and condensed program
  • Understanding event timing
  • Leave your auction open for post event bidding
  • Which video streaming services are best
  • Presenting pre-recorded vs. live content
  • Having a robust communication plan
  • Clear descriptions and quality images for packages
  • Sponsorship integration
  • Event ticket pricing
  • Providing technical support for guests

Watch  The Show Must Go On—Fundraising Despite the Odds for insight on all these details and more.

Auction Items

Auction items that perform best in virtual auctions are many times the same items that perform well in person. Find great experiential packages, keep in mind shipping logistics, ensure travel packages have extended expiration times. Most importantly for virtual packages is that descriptions and images are replacing the physical presentations—so make them count. For some of the top auction items, see The Hottest Virtual Fundraising Auction Items, According to Greater Giving’s Auction Experts and The Hottest Items to Procure for Online Auctions.

Guest Engagement

Without the opportunity to connect with your would-be bidders in person, how do you get the word out about your upcoming event? How do you build the excitement and anticipation? Discover creative ways to Engage Guests Before Your Virtual Event and Create a Connection with Your Virtual Audience at your virtual fundraiser.

Virtual Golf Events

If you currently have or are looking to add golf to your fundraising repertoire, consider a virtual golf event. Some organizations host it over a period of several days. Guests hit the links on their own time on a course of their choosing and log in to share scores. Others hold it entirely online and in real time to encourage engagement and make it feel more social. Find out more about Virtual Golf Events.

Using Greater Giving Event Software made it easy to transition to an online event. To keep the energy high, we displayed a fundraising "thermometer" and with Online Bidding, we were able to keep the silent auction and raffle open for two additional days.

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Getting Started with Virtual Fundraising

Our Virtual Event Package comes with everything you will need to successfully run a virtual event—from the platform itself to the consulting, training, content and service our Customer Success team provides.

  • Device Friendly: Online Bidding via tablet, mobile, and PC
  • Advanced Bidding Features: Outbid notifications, Max Bidding options, Multi-Sale opportunities, Watch List, Bidding Dial and more
  • Online Bidding Dashboard: Real Time Stats, Texts, Emails
  • Virtual Fund-A-Need: Engaging, visual, real-time name recognition and fundraising updates—customizable for your strategy
  • Livestream Display: Livestream and post videos directly on your Online Bidding site using Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook. Streaming video in the Engagement Center all happens as your supporters watch the goal thermometer rise
  • Display Boards: “Best in Class” Fundraising Thermometer and Auction Boards, customizable colors and fonts, motion centric graphics, branding and sponsor friendly
  • Event Management Software: Item and package creation, donor, bidder, and sponsor database, thank you and solicitation letters, auto receipts, reports, and data
  • Customer Success: Personalized onboarding, on-demand training, virtual auction resource center, how-to and best practice guides, phone, email, chat support, and 24-hour day/night of event support

Virtual Event Package Datasheet

Virtual Event Package Datasheet | Greater Giving

We'd love to help!

Our experts can consult with you to figure out what mix of fundraising makes the most sense for your organization. Or, if you know what you are looking for, we can answer any questions regarding features, implementation or best practices.

We would love to learn more about your fundraising efforts and find out how we can help you raise more and stress less. From the planning stages, to event night, to reconciliation, Greater Giving offers a complete end-to-end solution—resulting in increased revenue for your organization.

And, all of our products and services come with unparalleled support. Our Client Services team provides unlimited support with live training classes, videos and online help—available for questions by phone, email, and live chat. We’re here for you through every phase of your event.