Greater Giving Event Software manages all the details necessary to plan and run a successful gala event and benefit auction. It allows you to register and track guests; manage vendors, sponsors, and volunteers; organize item procurement; manage guest seating; send email communications; print night of event documents like bid sheets; and report and analyze event success.

The package includes Event SoftwareAuctionpay, and Online Payments. Text to Donate is included as an option for use with Online Payments. Greater Giving Online Bidding is fully integrated and can be added. Event Software enables you to manage all your event tasks in a centralized cloud-based location. And on the day of your event, it helps deliver a smooth volunteer and guest experience with an easy-to-use event and retail interface — Go Time and Storefront.

Event Package with Online Bidding and Video Streaming

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  Greater Giving Online Payments is a customizable way to raise funds and collect credit card payments online. Visitors to your website can easily and quickly register for an event, pre-register credit cards, and make a donation, membership payments, or other purchases. Online Payments can also be used to register and pay for classes, seminars, or conferences unrelated to a benefit event or auction.

  Greater Giving’s Text to Donate is an included option designed to invite your supporters to your Online Payments’ donation page through a simple text message. Select the keyword you want to use for your giving campaign, then email, socialize and share your shortcode and keyword—Greater Giving software will process the donations.

  Auctionpay is a secure and mobile payment processing solution designed for live and silent auctions, golf tournaments and galas. It improves your guests’ experience at the event by reducing long check-in and check-out, encouraging a relaxed bidding environment. It also eliminates inaccuracies that come with manual, post-auction credit card data entry, making you and your staff and volunteers more efficient.

   Online Bidding (can be added to this package) allows your guests to engage in bidding on auction items from their own smartphones or tablets. Our online bidding solution is integrated with Event Software, which provides you with all the features and functions you need to run a successful online bidding event.


Build secure, real-time event registration pages that coordinate with your Website

Organize all of your benefit auction information for quick access, reporting, and post-event analysis

Track event registration, donor, procurement, sponsor, vendor, and volunteer information

Send email to event-related constituents efficiently and inexpensively

Create procurement forms, auction catalogs, bid sheets, detailed receipts, letters, and other materials

Archive documents created for your event for use at subsequent events

Donor, procurement and related information is stored for future events, making it easier to forecast and plan

Secure payment processing solution designed for live and silent auctions, golf tournaments, and galas

Includes three options: credit card terminals, a USB-based Card Reader that plugs into your laptop, or Mobile Card Reader

Reduces long check-in and end-of-evening cashier lines, creating a better guest and volunteer experience at the event

Eliminates inaccuracies/inefficiencies caused by manual, post-auction credit card data entry

Enhances revenue potential by keeping guests bidding through the entire event

Build a variety of secure, real-time donation pages that coordinate with your Website

Secure, online payment processing year-round online fundraising campaigns

Builds stronger, long-term donor relationships

More cost-effective than mail or phone registration and donation

Significantly reduces manual data entry

Options for taking donations, membership dues, tuition payments, and more

Create easy-to-use giving campaigns donors can access via Text to Donate—as a stand-alone campaign or an event supplement.

What Our Clients Say


"Greater Giving’s Event package provided us with ‘the total package’. When it comes to Greater Giving, do it! It’s always easy to get a hold of someone when you say, ‘I did that wrong!” We were also thrilled with how well received the Auction Boosters were. They were wonderful packages, and it was so great we did not have to go out and procure them; we simply went to the Greater Giving site. It was all very easy.” 

 —Assistance League of Greater Collin County


Each product in Greater Giving Event provides you with tools that help you raise money more easily and efficiently. And by purchasing the package, you benefit from a bundled price that saves your organization money.
Online Payments and Auctionpay will share donor and payment data with Greater Giving Event Software, reducing manual data entry, saving you time and money, and enabling you to raise funds utilizing multiple tactics.
Yes, each product can be used separately.
Greater Giving Event Software is an event management solution that helps your organization plan, manage, and run benefit events efficiently and professionally. Subsequent events can be built on existing information in the database, so you don't have to start from scratch every year.
Greater Giving Online Payments enables you to leverage the popularity and ease of use of the internet to raise money. With Online Payments you can build Web pages that coordinate with your existing Website and allow you to securely accept and process online event registrations and donations.
Auctionpay provides you with a hassle-free way to accurately capture credit card payments at your event without utilizing a phone line, cutting guests’ wait at check-in and check-out lines and reducing staff and volunteer stress.
Greater Giving Mobile Bidding creates an engaging environment where guests can bid from the comfort of their own smartphone or bidding stations around the event. Our clients have experienced 20-30% fundraising increases on average at their mobile bidding events.