Boost your fundraising event revenue with auction games

Are you looking for new and fresh ways of bringing in more donations at your event?

Adding auction games and raffles won’t replace your auction income, but they will add to your bottom line. Adding variety and fun to your event will help entertain your guests and lighten the mood before going into your live event.

Additionally, the lower price point of participation in these fundraising games makes them accessible to all your guests. This is great for people who can’t join in the big live auction bidding but still want to support your cause.

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Idea #1—10x Envelopes

Auction Games | Idea 1 - Raise More With 10x Envelopes

Tired of simple raffles? Are you looking for a more interesting way to collect the names and contact information from your guests? Then a 10X envelope fundraiser might be the right game to choose for your next Auction Games event!

Idea #2—50/50 Raffle

Auction Games | Idea 2 - Raise More With 50/50

The real beauty of the 50/50 raffle is you do not have to go out and get a prize, because the 50/50 raffle generates its own prize.

Idea #3—Ace of Spades

Auction Games | Idea 3 - Raise More With Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades is a great way to generate revenue, involve the participants, and keep the action moving between live auction packages.

Idea #4—Bid on Green Line

Auction Games | Idea 4 - Raise More With Bid on Green Line

Looking for higher bids in your silent auction, add the Green Line to spice up your bid sheet.

Idea #5—Birdcage Raffle

Auction Games | Idea 5 - Raise More With Bird Cage

A great way to incorporate an interesting decor item into a raffle at your next non profit event, dinner or gala.

Idea #6—Buy It Now Boards

Auction Games | Idea 6 - Raise More With Buy it Now Boards

Buy It Now Boards are a great way to offer variety at your event by selling donated retail certificates and services, or even lower-valued physical items, and not over-crowd your silent auction.

Idea #7—Centerpiece Auction

Auction Games | Idea 7 - Raise More With Centerpiece Auction

Organizations can turn those table decorations into a fundraising bonus!

Idea #8—Dessert Dash

Auction Games | Idea 8 - Raise More With Dessert Dash

What better way to top off your event dinner than with a dash for dessert? Display your mouth-watering desserts prominently as your guests arrive and then give them a chance to bid for the one they like best.

Idea #9—Diamond in a Glass

Auction Games | Idea 9 - Raise More With Diamond in a Glass

Diamond in a Glass with Lance Walker. This glittery, romantic fundraising idea will add a little bling to your event, pad your fun, and pull guests into the spirit of your event.

Idea #10—Dice Roll

Auction Games | Idea 10 - Raise More With Dice Roll

Always a fun time, this revenue booster can be applied to more than just a Vegas-themed night.

Idea #11—First Bid Wins

Auction Games | Idea 11 - Raise More With First Bid Wins

How do you create that spark that gets bidding started? Ramp up anticipation and participation with First Bid Wins incentives.

Idea #12—Flash Mob

Auction Games | Idea 12 - Raise More With Flash Mob

It is about creating a sense of urgency, selling out, and keeping the audience engaged into the next portion of the program.

Idea #13—Get Out of The Clinker

Auction Games | Idea 13 - Raise More With Get Out of the Clinker

If you’re looking for something different for your next fundraiser and you have an Old West or Great Gatsby theme, consider the idea of putting people into “The Clinker” (for fun!) to raise funds.

Idea #14—Gift Card Frenzy

Auction Games | Idea 14 - Raise More With Gift Card Frenzy

The “wow” moment for everyone was when we asked, “Who will give $125 for this $100 gift card to benefit XYZ Charity?” and EIGHT bid cards remained in the air!

Idea #15—Golden Ticket

Auction Games | Idea 15 - Raise More With Golden Ticket

A golden ticket raffle allows a guest to win a high-value item for the price of a single ticket.

Idea #16—Graffiti Wall

Auction Games | Idea 16 - Raise More With Graffiti Wall

The graffiti wall is a revenue enhancer that can be on the low end of the price scale, but provides an easy way for every guest to participate in fundraising.

Idea #17—Heads or Tails

Auction Games | Idea 17 - Raise More With Heads or Tails

This is an interactive game of choice and chance where the last guest standing will win the prize!

Idea #18—Jewelry Boxes

Auction Games | Idea 18 - Raise More With Jewelry Boxes

Everybody loves jewelry, or has someone in their life that does! We did a jewelry pull with necklaces made by a local artist. Each of the pieces was totally unique!

Idea #19—The Last Hero

Auction Games | Idea 19 - Raise More With The Last Hero

This is great for gala’s where a direct appeal is not desired or not appropriate.

Idea #20—Momentum Item

Auction Games | Idea 20 - Raise More With Momentum Item

Make a production out of it, but allow the auction to continue immediately on. Remember, the reason for offering this item in the first place is to establish momentum.

Idea #21—Mystery Boxes

Auction Games | Idea 21 - Raise More With Mystery Boxes

Mystery Gift Boxes are a quick and easy fundraiser bonus you can implement at any event—whether it be a gala, ball, auction, or just a small cocktail party.

Idea #22—Restaurant Row

Auction Games | Idea 22 - Raise More With Restaurant Row

The Restaurant Row concept is a great way to utilize donated gift cards that don’t fit well into a silent or live auction package.

Idea #23—Second Bidder Winner

Auction Games | Idea 23 - Raise More With Second Bidder Winner

Keep the bidding going in your live and silent auction with Second Bidder Winner.

Idea #24—Secret Bids

Auction Games | Idea 24 - Raise More With Secret Bids

Also known as sealed bids, blind auction, closed auction. May be done either by email or in person, including at an event with other fundraising features.

Idea #25—Selective Drawing

Auction Games | Idea 25 - Raise More With Selective Drawing

Using the Selective Raffle format, guests had better chances on the items they desired most.

Idea #26—Wall of Wine

Auction Games | Idea 26 - Raise More With Wall of Wine

The classic auction game that will enhance any fundraising event.

Auction Games Lookbook

Why Auction Games?

Empower everyone in the room to donate to your cause. While revenue enhancers are a small part of your overall fundraising strategy, they can have a significant impact on the amount you raise. Especially if they are delivered by an auctioneer or event-planning professional, whose expertise is in getting the crowd excited to be a part of the fundraising momentum. Download the eBook and find 26 exciting charity games for fundraising events.
Using Go Time Storefront to run your auction games

Fundraising Games Best Practice

Easily run your fundraising games with Go Time Storefront. Storefront allows event staff and volunteers the ability to quickly add raffle tickets sales, and other fundraising game purchases to your donors account with a simple two step process. Donors don't need cash to participate—sales are added to their account and processed with the rest of the donor's silent, live, fund-a-need and other storefront purchases.

How to use the Revenue Enhancer eBook

We thought it would be a great idea to gather 26 of the best auction revenue enhancers out there and put them in one easy-to-use lookbook for you!

Through years of experience, we have accumulated a lot of great content on the subject; however, we wanted to take it a step further and reach out to the real experts — our wonderful auctioneer, event planning, consulting, and service provider partners, who bring these ideas to life and use them to raise more funds at events nationwide.

It’s easy to get started! Just flip through the colorful pages and read about the enhancers that catch your eye. Or read the book from cover to cover and bookmark your favorites. You might find a new twist to a game you’ve tried before, or be inspired to try something completely new.

Each chapter will focus on one revenue enhancer and outline how it works, provide some variations, and offer advice based on experiences. Additionally, one of our valued partners will share a real experience. If you would like to find out more information about the revenue enhancer or the partner, click the “Learn More” tab, where you will be directed to the full article in our Fundraising Resource Library.

A Few Things to Remember about Charity Games

  • Raffles — Make sure to check your state’s raffle licensing laws as well as your organization’s bylaws. Also, check on alcohol sales rules and permits, as well as firearms, if those will be available at your event or in the auction.
  • Numbers — The ticket prices, amounts raised, and any other specific numbers used in this book are generalized and will differ based on the number of guests, the type of event, and guest budget. So plan accordingly.
  • Blinky Rings — A lot of the games refer to “blinky rings.” If you haven’t seen them, they are soft plastic rings that light up when pressed — and they are an inexpensive and noticeable way to let everyone know who is on board.
  • Packages — Part of the success of these revenue enhancers is having an exciting package that is buzz worthy. If you are interested in “no-risk” experience and travel packages for your event, take a look at our Auction Booster for options.
  • Managing Transactions — Another big theme in the book is making it easy to give. Whenever possible, use bidder numbers to sign your guests up to participate. Cash can limit the amount you can raise. Greater Giving has been providing high quality, all-in-one fundraising event software and credit card processing since 2002. We would love to talk with you about your fundraising initiatives.

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