Posting #Share4Schools to Your Social Networks

There are many ways to post on social networks and these are two, straightforward methods. As a note, when running a campaign that lasts for a while, you will most likely want to share messaging multiple times.


Login to Facebook and navigate to your Page. Make sure the the status message is using the profile you want to post with.


 From the #Share4Schools website, copy the URL and paste it in the status update form. The image and other basic information will automatically be pulled into your post message.

Change the URL into whatever messaging you would like to post and click the "Publish" button. 

Your status post will be seen by those allowed by your privacy settings.


Login to your Twitter account and click the "Tweet" button. 

Enter your message with your Twitter handle (@yourschoolshandle) throw in a hashtag and ask them to visit to share. Click "Tweet" to post it.