Engaging your audience with appealing and interactive visuals is more important than ever. Greater Giving Display Boards will make sure your organization stands out from the crowd.

Auction Boards are used to display bidding or donation activity at benefit auctions and fund-a-need events. They are usually projected on the wall of an event, a flat screen, or a laptop in high traffic areas at a venue. And, can be available on or mobile devices for individual viewing.

The Auction Board Display is a feature of Online Bidding and can easily be setup and customized via Greater Giving web account.

You can use the Auction Board Displays to increase your guests’ awareness of funds raised and enable them to quickly see auction status. It’s also a great way to promote sponsors for your event by showing their logos scrolling on the screens.

Auction Board Display - Online Bidding Leaderboard


Sponsor Logo Display

Optimize sponsorship opportunities by displaying your sponsors’ logos on bidder screens and the Auction Board Displays. You can either have multiple sponsors or set a higher amount for a primary sponsorship. Auction Board visibility at an event can also create future sponsorships from prospects attending your event.

Auction Board Placement

Maximize and maintain interest in your event by strategically placing your Auction Board Displays in high traffic areas of your venue. Areas where people congregate, such as the bar, are ideal for capturing the attention of your guests.

Highlight Packages

Use the Auction Board Display to highlight packages of special interest. Your auctioneer or emcee can speak to packages that are bidding high or ones that still need bids.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers give your event a "Happy New Year’s" buzz by creating energy in the room.



  • Visually appealing and clean design
  • Rotating sponsor bar and logos that appear between refreshes
  • Background customization options—change colors, images and typeface
  • Choices between partial color, full color or background image theme
  • Package images and top bidders on the Auction Display
  • The Hot Item highlight—featuring top 10 packages with the most bids
  • Public URL you can share with your guests


Online Bidding display boards add colorful digital visuals to key areas of your event—keeping guests informed, engaged and bidding. Our unique system allows you to customize multiple styles in different areas of your venue. So no matter where they are, your supporters will be cheering alongside you as you reach your fundraising goal together!

Auction Boards can do the following for you:

  • Build Excitement: Use bidding countdowns and winning bidder updates to increase competition.
  • Spotlight Packages: Enable your auctioneer or emcee to call out specific packages to create a sense of urgency.
  • Highlight Sponsors: Incentivize your sponsors by displaying their logos prominently on the Auction Board Display.
  • Customize Backgrounds: You can customize different background colors and themes for multiple areas of the venue.

Greater Giving Packages

Express Package

  • Reduce long lines at check-in and check-out, with three options: Auctionpay terminals, Mobile or USB card readers.
  • Manage fundraiser details and tasks online
  • Track procured items and create packages
  • Create bid sheets, labels, catalogs and certificates
  • Sell merchandise and raffle tickets
  • View real time stats
  • Email or print tax receipts

Event Package

Event Package has all of the capabilities of Express Package plus:

  • Raise funds and collect credit card payments online
  • Build a variety of secure, real-time donation pages that coordinate with your Website
  • Online Bidding, an optional add-on integrated with Event Software, allows your guests to engage in bidding on auction items from their own smartphones or tablets.

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And, all of our products and services come with unparalleled support. Our Client Services team provides unlimited support with live training classes, videos and online help—available for questions by phone, email, and live chat. We’re here for you through every phase of your event.

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