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The Show Must Go On—Fundraising Despite the Odds

In turbulent and uncertain times, you are forced to make decisions that could have a major impact to your organization. The first order of business is having the knowledge to make an informed decision. The following recorded webinar will provide that necessary framework.


Virtual Fundraising Events Webinar with fundraising experts Samantha Swaim of Swaim Strategies, Kelly Russell of Artisan Auctions and Tracey Lorts of Greater Giving.
[Webinar Recorded: 3/19/20]
Everyone at Greater Giving is here for your organization. We’ve been dedicated to providing solutions to schools and nonprofits for the majority of the last two decades—in continuing that commitment, we are supporting nonprofit efforts to keep going during this unprecedented time with virtual fundraising events.

This recorded webinar shares examples of how nonprofits are successfully managing and migrating to virtual events including effective live streaming. We also share how to map your fundraising strategy going forward for the immediate future and beyond.

Questions we will answer:
  • What should your priorities be?
  • What are the three key areas you need to focus on right now?
  • What you will need to host a successful virtual event?
  • What does an effective communication plan look like?
Get your notebook out to jot down ideas and insights. Share this webinar with your teams and let us know any additional questions that come up—we would be happy to provide answers.

Embracing the Moment – A practical guide for executing a virtual fundraising auction

These are unprecedented times but it doesn’t mean you have to cancel your event. Embrace the moment and go virtual with your auction. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Virtual events are not new and you are likely already working with vendors that have the expertise you need to execute a virtual auction for your organization.

Much of the strategy you’ve built to fundraise for your organization stays the same, you just have to switch tactics to move away from a live event and into the virtual world.

Virtual Fundraising Events Webinar presented by Beth Sandefur of Beth Sandefur Events.
[Webinar Recorded: 4/8/20]

Get the Data for Virtual Events + Online Auctions

Greater Giving is excited to host a panel of experts who have successfully hosted virtual fundraising events over the past few weeks. They’ve collected great data to share and some evolving expectations around upcoming fall fundraising.

Get the Data for Virtual Events + Online Auctions presented by Greater Giving. Thanks to our panel members Beven Byrnes Bridges Middle School, Taylor Gibson Children’s Book Bank, Brian Harris The AV Department, Tracey Lorts Greater Giving and Samantha Swaim Swaim Strategies.

[Webinar Recorded: 4/8/20]

Virtual Event or Reschedule—How Do I Make the Right Decision

Making the Decision: Carry On, Reschedule or Go Online?

Making the Decision: Carry On, Reschedule or Go Online?

Your annual gala event is one of your most important fundraisers of the year.

What do you do when an unexpected situation happens that affects the ability to host a live event? Whether it’s weather-related or a public health concern, it’s a major conundrum.

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This article includes a framework that several nonprofit organizations have used to make a decision about shifting to a virtual event.
  • Determine the Options
  • Make a Decision
  • Assign a Task Force
  • Execute the Plan
  • Keep Going!
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