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Auctioneer Display

Give guests the recognition they deserve at your fundraiser with a clear message of gratitude—in the moment they give—with our built-in Auctioneer Display.


The Auctioneer Display allows the auctioneer of your event to recognize your guests by name for the live auction and any donations made during the paddle raise. A volunteer enters the guest's bidder number using Greater Giving Go Time on a laptop or iPad—so the winning bidder number and name can be displayed on a monitor facing the stage or an iPad your auctioneer holds or places on their podium. The Auctioneer Display is available in Greater Giving Event Software.

auctioneer display



The Auctioneer Display is connected with Greater Giving Event Software through Go Time to provide information in real-time.

Donor Experience

Give your auctioneer or emcee the ability to personalize their interactions in the moment with guests that are contributing to your cause


Show bidder name and number to the auctioneer or emcee’s screen or project to a large screen or wall at the event for all to see.


Allow freedom of movement for the auctioneer or emcee by using an iPad or projecting the Auctioneer Display.


  • Donor Experience: Improve donor engagement and recognition allows your auctioneer to recognize guests by name as they bid during the live auction, or participate in the fund-a-need and other revenue enhancers.
  • Event Flow: Keep the momentum of the event running smoothly with auctioneer and donor interaction.

"We always use Greater Giving for our 5+ events a year. It's great for checking people in, and just about all the steps necessary to take when running events, before, during, and after."

—St. Andrew Nativity School

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