Greater Giving Go Time

Greater Giving Go Time, helps you deliver a smooth volunteer and guest experience with an easy-to-use event and retail interface.

With Go Time, an included feature of Greater Giving Event Software, you can make the check-in and check-out process at your event faster and more enjoyable.

Quickly train volunteers and staff to register your guests; record purchases in real-time; and process payments on tablets or laptops.


What Can My Organization Do With Go Time?

Go Time will help you manage your event day from a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
It’s an event command center! Use it to manage check-in and check-out; enter auction sales; sell raffle tickets and merchandise, and more.

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Check-in


Eliminate long lines at check-in and get your guests bidding with a simple three-step process. You'll be able to create multiple registration experiences—like a VIP welcome area, a pre-registered area, and a new registration support area. Go Time’s cloud-based software makes it easy to access from any location at your event.


Check-in information, auction sales, raffle tickets, and multi-sale items all track to your guests' account—so you can email or print a receipt at check-out. Your guests can quickly confirm their purchases, pick-up their items and go. No more confusion and long lines!

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Check-out

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Storefront


Do you want to sell merchandise, drink, or raffle tickets at your event without having to collect payment on the spot? You can with Storefront—Go Time's retail event interface. With Storefront, everything your guests purchase will be added to their account with no cash or separate transactions needed.

Go Time has a clean and easy-to-use interface, which is simple for new volunteers and staff to learn. The import/export feature is a life saver when it comes to updating supporter info. One of the biggest advantages is the option to collect and save credit card numbers when tickets are bought so that attendees don't have to swipe their cards the night of the event. This really speeds up check-in and check-out times. Additionally, the ability to group attendees and assign them to tables takes the headache out of table assignments. They also offer excellent support via phone and chat and I have never left without my question answered or problem solved.

—Claire B.

Auctioneer Display

Give your auctioneer the ability to personalize their interactions in the moment with the Auctioneer Display built into Go Time. This feature allows your auctioneer to recognize guests by name as they bid during the live auction or participate in the fund-a-need and other revenue enhancers.

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Auctioneer Display

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Enter Sales

Enter Sales

Entering winning bids on event night should be quick and easy and that’s exactly what you get with Go Time. Add winning bids to your guests' accounts within seconds. Enter all sales in real time. Your guests will no longer need to wait for you to enter their winning bids and donations at check-out!

Event Stats

Reporting can be a powerful metric for success. With Go Time you can view how many guests have checked in and monitor event sales as they are entered. You'll know exactly who showed up and how much is being raised while the event is happening. This data will give you the information you need to be strategic with your fundraising and celebrate with your donors as you reach your goal together.

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Stats

Go Time Giving Board

Giving Board

Engage your entire audience in your Fund-a-Need with a visual display you can update in the moment.

For Organizations Using Online Bidding

If you are using Online Bidding with Event Software, Go Time unlocks two additional features to manage your event.

Section Times

When you have competitive bidding and the silent auction close time is near, you want to take advantage of that momentum by extending the bidding time. With Go Time, you can actively watch your auction bidding and extend or reduce bidding times as needed to maximize bidding activity.

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Managing Section Times

Greater Giving Go Time | Fundraising Event Bid Assistant

Bid Assistant

Go Time's Bid Assistant feature gives your staff and volunteers the ability to bid for guests from a tablet or laptop. With Bid Assistant you can set-up bidding stations and have volunteers walking throughout the venue to offer assistance.

Fundraising Auction Planner

Fundraising Auction Planner | Digital Download

Plan your next event with knowledge and experience gained from tens of thousands of events in one, easy to follow planner!

Download Your Free Auction Planner »

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