Greater Giving Auctionpay card readers are a quick and easy tool for collecting credit cards at an event. Used with Greater Giving Go Time, card readers are easy for volunteers to use and will expedite check-in. Volunteer’s simply swipe the credit card through the card reader at check-in or check-out and the payment type is added to the guest’s account.

Choose from two options: Auctionpay Card Reader (USB) for desktop or laptop computers or Auctionpay Mobile Card Reader for tablets. Our credit card readers plug into a USB port, or you can go mobile with our Mobile Card Reader plugged into your tablet's audio port. Just download the application from either the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play.

Greater Giving USB and Mobile Card Reader



Card readers function as part of Greater Giving Event Software. Built to securely accept and encrypt credit card data through Go Time.


Use for multiple events in different locations. The USB card reader works with desktop or laptop computers, while the mobile credit card reader works with tablets.

Easy Card Reader Management

Use the built-in Equipment Manager to determine how many card readers you will need for your event. Order, track and return all within Greater Giving Event Software.

Secure and Reliable

Your donor’s payment security is our top priority. Greater Giving is a PCI Level 1 vendor—the highest, most secure level of PCI compliance—so you know your data and transactions are safe.


  • Efficiency: With Auctionpay card readers, guests will experience expedited wait times at check-in and check-out.
  • Convenience: Once credit card information has been added to their record through Go Time, guests can make purchases throughout the rest of the event without having to re-swipe.
  • Accuracy: Ensure accurate data entry by swiping cards instead of manually collecting data.
  • Improved Donor Experience: Create a more cohesive event by providing your guests an easy way to process transactions.

"Ease of use was great. Go Time interface for volunteers was a life saver!! The website was also a great tool for our Live and Silent Auction items."

—Cara M.

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