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Do you want to sell merchandise, drink or raffle tickets at your event? Encourage guests to participate in fundraising games? You can do that and more with Go Time Storefront.

During your event, everything your guests purchase can be automatically added to their account with no cash or separate transactions needed.


Expand your organization’s fundraising with Go Time Storefront. Operating much like a fixed point of sale, Storefront quickly adds items, such as raffle tickets, drink tickets, t-shirts, and auction game entries onto the guest's account. At the end of the event guests receive a single receipt listing all the purchases they made throughout the night, making record keeping easier for you and your supporters.

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Access to Updated Information

As part of Greater Giving Event Software, Storefront has real-time access to information collected at check-in, eliminating the need for volunteers and staff to ask for it again at the time of purchase.

Automatic Tracking and Real-Time Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is available to you throughout the event. Greater Giving Event Software tracks purchases as they enter the system providing real-time information on raffle ticket, drink ticket, auction games entries and any other items available.

More Purchasing Opportunities

Offer your guests merchandise or multiple sale items and be assured that each purchase is recorded accurately without additional steps.

Secure Information Gathering

Credit Card information is encrypted and stored securely in the Greater Giving Event Software.

Quick Checkout Process

By creating one invoice that includes every purchase made throughout the night, your volunteers and staff will be able to shorten the time your supporters spend at check-out.


  • Increase Fundraising Revenue: Offer multiple ways for donors to contribute throughout your event. Create popular multi-sale packages offering raffle tickets, drink tickets, or merchandise that guests can purchase at anytime throughout the event.
  • Simple Process: Storefront’s “swipe and go” point of sale process is modeled on traditional fixed transaction processing—making it an easy application for volunteers and staff to get up and running after a quick tutorial.
  • Combines All Purchases: Create one receipt per supporter or household that represents their entire purchasing activities during the event—simplifying tax reporting for your supporter and your organization.
  • Roaming Capability: With Go Time Storefront wireless capabilities, your store is open all the time, anywhere in the venue. Roaming volunteers can be placed around the venue to help process payments over an iPad or laptop—and purchase information is reflected in real-time for reporting and check-out.

"Revenue enhancers always make our events more fun and helps us raise more money. We especially like the Wall of Wine with a ring toss. If you get the ring around the neck of the bottle of wine or liquor, you win that bottle. It’s more interactive than just a cork pull, and it went well with our recent Mardi Gras theme."

—Chaminade College Preparatory School

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We would love to learn more about your fundraising efforts and find out how we can help you raise more and stress less. From the planning stages, to event night, to reconciliation, Greater Giving offers a complete end-to-end solution—resulting in increased revenue for your organization.

And, all of our products and services come with unparalleled support. Our Client Services team provides unlimited support with live training classes, videos and online help—available for questions by phone, email, and live chat. We’re here for you through every phase of your event.

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